The number one GUIDE on everything AUTO in NIGERIA!

To provide auto patrons such as government agencies, corporates, cooperatives, and individuals with a guide via print and online channels, the details (brands and models, phone numbers, websites, email addresses, physical addresses etc.) of all authorised franchise owners and corporate players in the Nigeria auto market.


The Nigeria Auto Guide is a comprehensive publication that features details about auto franchise holders, corporate entities, and related sectors such as tire, lubricant, spare parts, bank, and insurance. Its initial release in 2012 was aimed at assisting prospective buyers of new vehicles in Nigeria, including government agencies, corporate bodies, and individuals. The book undergoes updates every two years, with the first three editions already in circulation. The team of founding editors comprises Theodore Opara, Frank Kintum, and Dr. Oscar Odiboh, while the fourth edition is scheduled for launch in 2023/2024.

The Nigeria Auto Guide is a valuable resource for anyone seeking information on purchasing new vehicles in Nigeria.




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